WWE Rumors – Roman Reigns Unbanned and Jinder Mahal Pushed Again

WWE Rumors - Roman Reigns Unbanned and Jinder Mahal Pushed Again
WWE Rumors - Roman Reigns Unbanned and Jinder Mahal Pushed Again

WWE Rumors – Unbanned and Pushed Again


One man who did return recently was Jinder Mahal, and it looks like the modern-day Maharaja could be in for a big push after a lengthy injury layoff. On Dropkick discussions Tom Colohue said that Mahal could be due for a push because of WWE’s international relationships, Saying: “There is a huge new TV deal that WWE has going on in India and they want to push someone who appeals to that market.
So Jinder Mahal. Whether he is getting championship opportunities not, he is going to be pushed hard”.Color also added that though Mahal gets tremendous heat from the fans just for being pushed,
This will be more difficult without a crowd, so it’ll be interesting to see if he takes on his former 3MB bandmate Drew Mclntyre down the line. We are taking a break from the ring now, As WWE and AWE studious have announced a new series, titled The quest for lost WWE treasures

Core Of This Matter?

Speaking of people who won’t be present at Money in the bank, Roman Reigns hasn’t been on TV since he pulled out of Wrestle Mania, and this has led to some issues for .Recently the company has been editing Reigns out of footage like wrestle mania 31 and make-a-wish video, but according to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, ’s attitude towards Reigns is pretty inconsistent.
They write:”We’re told the reaction by Vince McMahon regarding Reigns and how to handle the situation “changes daily based on which way the wind is blowing”, which is why one day they show him beating HHH on Smackdown, then they edited him off Raw,
Then they do a make-a-wish thing and have no clips of him then they do an investment conference and Vince McMahon never says his name and then they have a one hour special on him on FS 1″.While fans won’t be seeing him on TV.
The former universal champion remains active on social media and recently shared an image of his family having fun, and staying safe at the pool. There’s currently no way to tell how long Reigns will be gone for and hopefully, the current global situation will end soon so Reigns can be 100% confident about going to work.

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