WWE Rumors – Goldberg Suspended & John Cena Joins the Wyatt Family

WWE Rumors - Goldberg Suspended & John Cena Joins the Wyatt Family

WWE Rumors – Goldberg Suspended & John Cena Joins the Wyatt Family

First Rumor:-

1)Aj styles was defeated at super showdown in the Gatlin match by the undertaker in ten seconds and then alistar black looses first match on the single roster-Aj styles,
Alistair black and the undertaker will be joining forces to take down Aj styles in the OC and a tag team match on an upcoming episode of Monday Night raw.
This will be done to help out Alistair black and get him over with fans!!

Rumors No 2:-

2)It’s now official that Jhon cena will take on the fiend Bray wyatt at WrestleMania 36 but according to a late breaking rumor things will take a shocking turn in the weeks leading up to the match that will leave fans shocked and stunned.
The rumor explains that one of the main themes in John Cena vs Fiends storyline is there will be heavy supernaturals overtones as the fiend will begin to show off just how powerful his dark supernatural powers are so much so that the fiend will Include things that WE fans never seen before.
We’ve already seen the fiend uses his powers by doing such things as appearing out of the darkness and then suddenly disappearing but the new powers that the fiend will use will include him being able to take control over the mind of people including John Cena’s mind!
where during an episode of Friday Night Smackdown in the lead up-to WrestleMania 36 the fiend will force John Cena to become a member of his brand new White family that he is forming and there is little doubt that the fans will be shocked when John Cena officially joins the forces with fiend.
He joins the wyatt family as they raise their hands in the middle of the ring and because of this john Cena will announce that his match with the fiend at WrestleMania 36 is canceled as he doesn’t want to wrestle with his new friend.
Bray wyatt and fans will be left believing that they will never see this huge WrestleMania match but on the final Friday night Smackdown before WrestleMania there will be a stunning turn of events John Cena will be finally able to break the fiends control over his mind and realize what Bray wyatt was doing to him.
John Cena will no doubt be angry after figuring out what the fiend was doing to him and as the fiend will no longer has control over him,he will announce that he is no longer the member of wyatt family and the Wrestlemania 36 match between him and the fiend will be back!!!!!!!!


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