WWE News: Drew McIntyre on Roman Reigns’ mystery attacker

WWE News: Drew McIntyre on Roman Reigns' mystery attacker

WWE News: on ’ mystery attacker


This week on WWE SmackDown Live, Roman Reigns narrowly escaped after a structure fell on him in a backstage area. Amidst speculations, Drew McIntyre has now posted a video on Twitter, going off on the incident and clearing that he wasn’t the one who attacked Reigns.

The most recent version of SmackDown Live observed Roman Reigns strolling towards questioner Kayla Braxton to let the cat out of the bag on whom did he need to look at SummerSlam. As Reigns was drawing nearer Kayla, a phase structure fell on him. Rules figured out how to escape with no genuine wounds yet appeared fatigued over what had simply occurred. He would not get help, expressing that he is fine and continued to leave.

The episode has prompted fans guessing over who was the puzzle aggressor of Roman Reigns. As of this minute, WWE hasn’t formally made a declaration, yet a report is proposing that the aggressor was Daniel Bryan. This report came days after it was supposed that Reigns would get into a program with Bryan after SummerSlam.

Drew McIntyre has had a long-running contention with Roman Reigns, as far back as he focused on The Big Dog making progress toward WrestleMania 35. McIntyre posted a video on Twitter and blustered on the episode from the current week’s SmackDown Live. He took an agree at the way that his name is among the ones who could have assaulted Reigns, and added that he gets a kick out of the chance to whip Reigns and gloat about it.


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