Why should Roman Reigns win this Royal Rumble 2020 match?

Why should Roman Reigns win this Royal Rumble 2020 match?

Why should Roman Reigns win this Royal Rumble 2020 match?

The Royal Rumble is scheduled to take place a few days later. The eyes of fans are fixed on it as it is the largest PPV. Who will win the Rumble match this time, these questions are in front of everyone. It has been said in many reports that Roman Rance will win the Rumble match this time. Because it is always coming out that Roman Rance and The Find should compete at WrestleMania.
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Roman Rance stayed away from championship matches last year. He performed in the lower card. Perhaps this was done to make the hero in front of the fans. Roman Rance is the biggest superstar. The superstar made his debut in 2012 and within a few years he became an important part of the company. Roman Rance has always been retained by WWE in the main event storyline. However, this did not happen last year. Long stay away from title storyline now

The stature of the Roman Rains is falling. Now the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania season is coming to a close and fans are waiting for the big storyline of Roman Rance.

Winning the Royal Rumble this year is very important for Roman Rance. If they are not able to do this then they will not be able to succeed further. There was a time when the Romans used to boast Rains. This is because many times they were easily pushed. This did not happen last year and they worked hard in the hearts of the fans

Has made place. Now the fan’s view of seeing the Roman Rens has changed. Fans now cheer them up. Vince McMahon also knows this thing very well, in this sense, he should now do the Royal Rumble in his name.

Sath Rawlins was made a face when Roman Rains was ruled out due to illness. Last year has been very good for Saith Rawlins. At the end of the year, however, he took a heel turn. Now as poster boy

Can’t see any. Roman Rens can perform this work well. The work that Sath Rawlins did last year can now be done by Roman Rans. Saith Rawlins also started it by winning the Royal Rumble last year and Roman Rance should also get a chance from this year.

Last year Roman Rance failed to win a single title. He did not appear in any title picture. Because Roman Rance is a big superstar, he cannot stay away from the title picture for long. He can headline WrestleMania by winning the Royal Rumble.

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AEW Dynamite, 22 January 2020: Good and bad things from the show

Like everyone, this time everyone’s eyes were on AEW. After winning the ratings war from NXT continuously in the last two weeks, the fans were expecting a bang action from the show this time too and they got to see some similar action packed matches on the show this time too. This time the show where Kenny Omega and Hangman Page appeared as the tag team. At the same time, MJF once again made fun of Cody Rhodes in the ring. So let’s know some good and some bad things of this time’s show.

In recent times, AEW has once again stepped up its tag team division, which is why Canny Omega, the hangman page tag team champions, is currently on the show. Both of these stars also like fans very much. For this reason, once again the tag division will also come in the eyes of the fans. In this episode, both these stars in the show did promos about Young Bucks. In which Page also mocked the Young Bucks.

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With this promo, it has become clear that the company can book these two teams for a title match soon. With this match, fans can get to see the most memorable match of this year as these four stars are very much solid in the ring. In such a situation, it will now be interesting to see how the company books them further.

It is not easy for anyone to perform on the big stage. Something similar has happened to Brit backer. The company wants to see him as the big face of the women’s division but as of now his performance has not been special. For this reason, the company gave him a heel turn so that he could change his character. However, even after this, his promo in the show was nothing special.

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All eyes are currently on MJF in AEW. His promos can get a reaction in any arena in the world. His promos are one of the most memorable segments of the show. In this episode, he once again did a promo against Cody Rhodes. Since this promo, fans now want to see both these stars in the ring together.

AEW is always very cautious about booking the match. But many times they too have not been able to take the right decision regarding the length of the match. Anytime the match gets too long, sometimes the match becomes too short. Also in the show’s main event was John Moxley’s luggage pack. Fans can also raise questions about the length of this match. However, the match was made more exciting by commentary Chris Jericho.

AEW has also booked Jack Hager quite well so far. Even after this, he has not yet appeared in the ring. He has consistently appeared as the most powerful star of The Inner Circle. However, questions are also being raised about his outfit in the show this time. During this time, he was seen in a t-shirt. In such a situation, if the company wants to book them as Beast, then they have to take care of their outfits in the coming time.


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