Truth About CM Punk Response and Triple H Sells his WWE Share

Truth About CM Punk Response and Triple H Sells his WWE Share
Truth About CM Punk Response and Triple H Sells his WWE Share

Truth About Response and Triple H Sells his WWE Share


We’ve got an update from the Smackdown hacker, as fans have spotted another major clue in their latest video. In the latest video, We already reported that co-ordinates are shown the location for WWE’s performance center, but now one fan has pointed out that the pass-code is 051020, which is the date of this Sunday’s Money in the Bank event.
The WWE on Fox twitter account did some speculating of their own, as they tweeted the video with the message “Do I have everybody’s attention now”, which as fans will know, is a famous line for CM Punk and Renee Young even commented that Punk could be the hacker.
Well, we’re sure there’s plenty of fans hoping the hacker is Punk, one man who doesn’t seem convinced himself is Punk himself, who responded on the WWE on fox tweet with a facepalm gift. Both Punk and WWE have made it clear that as of right now, there are no plans for Punk to wrestle again, and given that Punk has Drug freed tattooed on his fingers, and the hacker doesn’t have any hand tattoos, it certainly doesn’t look like he’s the mastermind, though the fact that Punk will be on backstage next week certainly is interesting.

Did CM Punk React?

Wrestlezone is reporting that Punk isn’t the hacker, saying that the source of their has revealed that someone else is behind this, and addressing the WWE on fox tweet, saying “Fox loves to tease”. Whilst it’s looking unlikely that Punk is the hacker, the WWE could swerve us all by having him return, and it looks like fans will finally find out who is behind the mask this Sunday at Money in the bank.
We’re looking ahead to Money in the bank next, as given that the show could not take place in Baltimore the majority of the show was taped at the Performance Center, with the two marquee ladder matches filmed at WWE HQ in Stamford. With news about both matches airing at the same time.
There has been some concern about how long will they be together, but now sources have revealed that these simultaneous ladder matches are “not an hour” in length. This will certainly come as good news to fans who weren’t pleased with feature-length Money in the Bank ladder match, and now there’ll be more time for the other matches on the card.

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