Roman Reigns made a big statement about The Rock and CM Punk will return

Roman Rance made a big statement about The, Rock and CM Punk will return

Roman Rance made a big statement about The, Rock and CM Punk will return (WWE Rumors)

A lot of interesting things are happening in WWE these days and there are questions about these things in the minds of fans. The question is whether we will get to see 2 new champions in WWE next week. With this, the company has turned down the demand for the return of the legendary superstar. So, in this article, let’s throw light on some of the news that has caught everyone’s attention these days.

#5 WWE no longer wants to add Vicky Guerrero

Not well versed in the era of Vicky Guerrero, he has spent time as a manager and even an in-ring superstar while in WWE. She has now stated in her podcast ‘Excuse Me: The Vickie Guerrero Show’ that she wanted to return to the WWE but the top authorities have turned down her demand.

#4 Roman Rance breaks silence on match with

For vs The Rock Fans is nothing short of a dream match. This will not only give the WWE Universe one of their favorite bouts, as well as the 1 fight where Romans can reach where WWE has been trying for the last several years.

Read What Roman Said:

“The Rock in itself holds more than any superstar and if this match happens then there is nothing wrong in that. But we come from the same family, so this match is not guaranteed for me.”

#3 May be CM Punk is about to return

According to a recent report by WrestleVotes, CM Punk may soon be a part of the WWE Backstage Show. At the same time, it is being said that if this happened, then his in-ring return is also not far away.

#2 Big update on ’s future

A number of predictions have been made for the first SmackDown show on the FOX network that Brock Lesnar is about to defeat Kofi Kingston to become WWE Champion. But 1 recent report states that Lesnar’s future will be decided after the WWE Draft, so his chances of becoming champions are slim at the moment.

#1 relationship between and Vince McMahon

Sasha Banks made her return to WWE last month after spending the entire 4 months away from the ring and was included in the Raw Women’s Championship Feud as soon as she arrived.

Now in an interview, this former Raw Women’s Champion, while making a big statement about the relationship with Vince McMahon, said:

“After the return I have been offered a good contract. Usually we keep messaging each other, they have also given me a bus for themselves and I am probably the first women’s superstar in history to have her own bus.”


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