Hall of Famer issues statement apologizing for wire fraud and drug

Hall of Famer issues statement apologizing for wire fraud and drug

Hall of Famer issues statement apologizing for wire fraud and drug (WWE Rumors)

Maybe the champion inductee from the 2018 Hall of Fame class highlighting Ivory, The Dudley Boys and Goldberg was that year’s Warrior Award victor Jarrius (JJ) Robertson, the overwhelming youngster who had conquered a lot of misfortune.

Robertson had an uncommon incessant liver malady – biliary atresia and needed to experience many medical procedures including two liver transplants. His inspirational frame of mind in spite of this hardship earned Jarrius the consideration of competitors, VIPs and, obviously, WWE, who perceived his endeavors with the Warrior Award.

In any case, Jarrius has since experienced greater affliction and has thus needed to openly discharge an announcement tending to wire extortion and intrigue to sell medication charges that had been exacted against his dad.

This announcement is alluding to Jarrius’ dad Jordy Robertson stealing finances from ‘It Takes Lives To Save Lives’ Foundation that he set up to monetarily bolster his debilitated child, and utilizing them for betting, individual shopping, and medication obtaining.

After a protracted examination concerning the budgetary circumstance of the establishment, Jordy Robertson was captured and after at first arguing not liable, he was re-summoned and on September fifth, 2019, he conceded to utilizing cash gave towards his child’s ailment improperly, confessing to charges of wire misrepresentation and medication use.

It merits fortifying that, presently, 17-year-old Jarrius Robertson isn’t and has not been associated with any wrong-doing and as the announcement from him above demonstrates, is currently endeavoring to push ahead in the wake of his dad’s violations. We here at Sportskeeda want him to enjoy all that life has to offer!

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