4 big and interesting things that can happen in October

4 big and interesting things that can happen in October

4 big and interesting things that can happen in October (WWE Rumors)

Till last week, Wrestling Fans from all over the world were waiting for October because SmackDown is going to shift on the FOX network. Also, in the first week of October, the Hell in a Cell pay-per-view is also to be organized and these things are making October special.

Due to the popularity of FOX, the Blue brand of WWE is set to touch new heights. The special thing is that along with SmackDown many changes are also being done in Raw, so the month of October is going to prove something interesting for WWE fans.

Crown Jewel is also scheduled in October. With 2 PPVs in the same month, you can guess that along with the superstars, the pressure on the creative team is going to be high.

#1 Brock Lassner can be WWE Champion

The first SmackDown episode on the FOX network is now just a few days away, and the show’s biggest match will be between vs. Kofi Kingston. This will be the fight where Kofi has to defend his title against the 3-time Universal champion.

After becoming champion at WrestleMania 35, Kofi has defeated Kevin Owens, , Randy Orton and . But he is yet to encounter superstars like Lesnar.

#2 Goldberg may be return in Crown Jewel 2019

Crown Jewel is scheduled to be held in Saudi Arabia in the last week of October. WWE has already confirmed that Undertaker and Hulk Hogan are going to be present at Crown Jewel 2019. The first WWE event in Saudi Arabia was the Super Showdown, in which The Dead Man won over Goldberg.

The former Universal champion was also a part of the Super Showdown, so if he is present in the Crown Jewel then it would not be a surprise.

#3 Alister Black can join Feud with Shinske Nakamura

Shinske Nakamura successfully defended his Intercontinental title by defeating The Miz at Clash of Champions. At the same time, they won against Ali last week and it is possible that these two are going to come face to face again in Hell in a Cell.

To be fair, Nakamura is yet to find a rival who can snatch his title from him. Even if found, the story line was not ideal for the title change. Alastair Black is set to return after a SmackDown debut on FOX and is still waiting for a singles push since he debuted in February. So it would be better to join the Intercontinental Championship Feud to give them singles push at Crown Jewel.

#4 Sasha Banks Will Become Women’s Champion

After the return of Sasha Banks, it has been decided that in the coming few weeks or months, the Raw Women’s title is going to be snatched from Becky Lynch. Now there is a steel cage match between them in the Hell in a Cell PPV, and given the storyline build-up, it is probably going to be a bang.

However, in Clash of Champions PPV, both of them have already landed in the ring where Sasha won through disqualification. Now both are going to fight inside the steel cage, where there will be a guarantee that the match will end cleanly.



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