WWE’s new champion becomes Roman Reigns New Opponent

WWE's new champion becomes Roman Reigns New Opponent

WWE’s new champion becomes Roman Reigns New Opponent

After Survivor Series last year, Keith Lee was echoing the same name. This NXT superstar made Roman Rance’s condition worse. Fans greatly appreciated Keith Lee’s performance. Fans are hoping this time that they will also enter the Royal Rumble. But before that he has been given a big prize. Keith Lee’s match with Roderick Strong was on the NXT show. The two competed for the NXT North American Championship.

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Both of them gave a tremendous match in the main event. In the end Keith Lee won the match and became the new NXT North American champion. This is his first title in the WWE brand. Keith Lee has worked hard to get this title. They have always made the company realize that they are big superstars.

Keith Lee deserves this title. He has been given this prize. He has performed tremendously in the last four months. Fans also wanted that they should give the title. As always, he won the hearts of fans this time too. Now it has to be seen how long they can keep the title with them.

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WWE Hall of Famer created panic by winning World Championship at age 70

WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler has shown his strength inside the ring even at the age of 70. Recently he has created panic by winning the title VS career match. Jerry Lawler won the Arkansas Heavyweight Championship by defeating Matt Rivera.

Lawler also said that he is now under protection for another match. That is, he has expressed the hope of fighting further matches. Jerry Lawler is currently 70 years old. Winning these titles at this age is a huge achievement in itself. No one thought that even at this age, he could perform so well in the ring. Jerry Lawler is the big superstar of WWE. He won the hearts of all here with his work. His action in the ring

And the commentary is the most brilliant. That is why he was included in the hall of fame list. Lawlor is also very happy with this win. Fans are hoping that in the coming time, they can show a blast in the WWE ring as well.

Today around evening time’s AEW Dynamite “Slam at the Beach” uncommon opened with a tag team fatal four-way #1 Contender’s match.Executioner Page and Kenny Omega Vanquished Santana and Ortiz,Best Friends, and The Young Bucks to turn into the #1 contenders for the AEW tag team titles.

WWE Superstar King Corbin took a significant took shots at the match, and indicated that it comprised of only high spots and jumps,Corbin additionally tackled AEW fans toward the finish of the tweet,and alluded to them as neckbeards.
Corbin’s tweet didn’t agree with AEW fans.many took shots at him in the answers,with the general agreement being that somebody who was highlighted in a pooch nourishment section shouldn’t take shots at others.Genius wrestling columnist Dave Meltzer likewise reacted to Corbin and tackled Triple H all the while.


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