WWE News – Wrestlers Banned & Blocked from Returning to WWE

WWE News - Wrestlers Banned & Blocked from Returning to WWE
WWE News - Wrestlers Banned & Blocked from Returning to WWE

WWE News – Wrestlers Banned & Blocked from Returning to WWE


There have been many wrestlers in the history of the WWE but only a small amount of them have actually been banned from WWE and now that it’s 2020 WWE has banned even more wrestlers and some of these wrestlers are currently signed to WWE and they are banned from appearing on TV. Wrestlers Banned & Blocked from Returning to WWE.

1. Dean Ambrose-

The man is formerly known as Dean Ambrose. Who now goes by the name John Moxley has been very vocal over the last year, since leaving WWE because he didn’t like his time over the past few years and he was especially upset about how WWE handled his heel turn back in 2018. Jon Moxley’s statements have upset many WWE officials.

There was a report that was revealed recently the stay that Jon Moxley might be interested in returning to WWE that it was later revealed that Vince McMahon, Triple H, and other officials have said that they have no interest in the idea of John Moxley returning and becoming Dean Ambrose again and if Moxley tries to get in contact with them to try and return then they will say no and tell him that he is banned for life from WWE forever and John Moxley will have to stay in AEW…..

2. Superstar Ryback-

Ryback has been in the news recently because he is currently involved in a legal battle with WWE over his name Ryback.WWE is claiming that they owned the rights to the name “Ryback”.Ryback claims that he created the name “Ryback” before he came to WWE.WWE wants to keep Ryback’s name because they fear that Ryback might one day sign with their biggest competitor AEW and use the Ryback name on their show. Because of this legal battle between WWE and Ryback, it’s safe to say that Ryback will likely never return because of these issues with his name and even if Ryback changes his mind and wants to return to WWE that Vince McMahon will likely put a stop to it until Ryback that he is banned for life because of the stressful court battle over Ryback’s name…..

Fans have been hoping over the past few months that AJ lee could return to WWE in 2020 at least on the backstage. Emphasis one show with her husband CM Punk or possibly return to the ring and appear on RAW or Smackdown once again.


3. Diva Champion AJ Lee-

AJ Lee hasn’t wrestled since 2015 but this hasn’t stopped her fans from speculating that she might return in 2020 but there are currently no plans to bring back AJ Lee to the company and there are even some officials who would be extremely upset if Vince McMahon brought back AJ Lee because those officials still have big problems with AJ Lee’s husband CM Punk. So from the looks of it, AJ Lee will not be returning anytime soon because WWE officials have made sure to ban her from returning…..

4. UFC Fighter Cain Velasquez-

Former UFC fighter Cain Velasquez surprised everybody back in 2019 when he showed on the Smackdown debut on fox and beat down Brock Lesnar. Cain Velasquez went on to lose to Brock Lesnar at crown jewel 2019 in a short match an embarrassing fashion. Velasquez was booked to lose to Brock Lesnar quickly for multiple reasons. The first reason why was because he had a knee injury and the second reason was that Vince McMahon was not happy with the physique of Cain Velasquez.

Word is going around that Cain Velasquez is close to being ready to return but Vince McMahon is hesitant to bring him back anytime soon because he wants Cain Velasquez to get into better shape and until he has the physique that Vince McMahon likes, till than he will be banned from returning to WWE.

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