WWE News: Samoa Joe Tells why he helped Roman Reigns

WWE News: Samoa Joe Tells why he helped Roman Reigns

WWE News: Tells why he helped


Notwithstanding having long haul issues with Roman Reigns, Samoa Joe attempted to help his adversary on the August 5 scene of WWE Raw after he was nearly harmed in an attempt at manslaughter assault.

Addressing WWE.com following the show, Joe clarified that he yelled for doctors to land at the scene in light of the fact that, as he would like to think, Reigns’ assailant went excessively far in their endeavor to “twist the guidelines”.

Roman Reigns barely kept away from damage on the July 30 scene of SmackDown Live when framework and metal tumbled downward on him in the behind the stage region toward the finish of the show.

From that point forward, it has developed that the occurrence was caused because of a mistake by an obscure forklift driver, and names including Buddy Murphy, Daniel Bryan, Drew McIntyre and Samoa Joe have been touted as potential aggressors.

The current week’s Raw incorporated a section where Joe, who is right now quarreling with “The Big Dog”, requested that his opponent compromise with him of the ring. In any case, when Joe attempted to discover him in the parking garage, a vehicle intentionally collided with Reigns’ vehicle and drove away.

Joe immediately yelled for doctors and Triple H touched base to keep an eye on Reigns.

Given his nearness to the area of the attempt at manslaughter, Samoa Joe was asked by WWE.com to give his musings on what occurred on Raw.

Roman Reigns’ long haul opponent hinted that the vehicle occurrence was more terrible than any contemptible demonstration that he has submitted as a WWE Superstar, including that fans ought not question whatever he says or does.


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