WWE News: R-Truth defends 24/7 title twice at SummerSlam

WWE News: R-Truth defends 24/7 title twice at SummerSlam

WWE News: R-Truth defends 24/7 title twice at SummerSlam


The most recent SummerSlam Meet and Greet session including WWE every minute of every day Champion R-Truth was smashed by two previous heroes, Drake Maverick and Titus O’Neil. Luckily for Truth, he figured out how to keep the title on his midriff when all was said and done.

As far back as the WWE all day, every day title was uncovered, R-Truth has been the foundation of the storyline. He has been associated with the absolute most saw every minute of every day title resistances against any semblance of Elias, Drake Maverick, and Jinder Mahal. Truth proceeded as of late, when he smashed Maverick’s genuine wedding and stuck him to reclaim the title. Before long, he attacked Maverick’s lodging and stuck him to win the title once more. On the most recent scene of Monday Night Raw, Truth and Carmella deceived then-champion Mike Kanellis in the OBGYN lounge area and got back the title Truth had recently lost.

The most fascinating part of the day in and day out title is the way that the belt is available for anyone whenever of the day, regardless of what’s the situation. Truth has been a piece of a few title resistances through the span of the previous three months, and is very much aware of the way that he is an objective as long as the belt is on his midriff.

During the SummerSlam Meet and Greet, Maverick attempted to deceive Truth by moving toward him as a fan yet neglected to stick Truth. Very quickly, the first-historically speaking day in and day out Champion, Titus O’Neil, jumped on Truth yet neglected to stick him as well. As Truth fled the scene, a perturbed O’Neil dumped an annoying Maverick into a dustbin.


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