WWE News: Austin reveals why Hogan’s dream match never happened

WWE News: Austin reveals why Hogan's dream match never happened

WWE News: Austin reveals why Hogan’s dream match never happened


WWE Hall of Famer Steve Austin, who came back to TV at the Raw Reunion unique close by individual Hall of Famer, Hulk Hogan, as of late had Hogan on his web recording, The Steve Austin Show.

During the show, Austin opened up on why a fantasy coordinate between Stone Cold and Hulk Hogan never occurred, and let it be known was his shortcoming that the session never appeared in a WWE ring.

At the point when Hulk Hogan made his arrival to WWE following his long keep running in WCW, Hogan returned as the nWo close by Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. The gathering returned as heels, however when Hogan confronted a babyface Rock at WrestleMania 18, the group response was gigantic enough to turn Hogan babyface following the session.

Hogan conceded during The Steve Austin demonstrate that he thought he would have been wrestling Steve Austin when he came back to WWE, and not The Rock.

During the digital recording meeting, Steve Austin opened up on why a fantasy coordinate against Hulk Hogan never occurred in WWE.

“Anyway, it was consistently this thing and after that unexpectedly I transform into Stone Cold and afterward you return from WCW – I got squashed down another indent. Be that as it may, I think in the event that we’d have ever got into a room and had only a chill discussion, we likely could have worked together.

Austin at that point proceeded to guarantee this was probably the greatest lament in his profession.

“Furthermore, that’d presumably be, I get it is probably the greatest lament off my vocation, other than not, you know, jobbing for Brock – I never would have carried out the responsibility, however I wish I would have appeared.


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