WWE Edge Broke The Undertaker Streak Before Brock Lesnar

WWE Edge Broke The Undertaker Streak Before Brock Lesnar
WWE Edge Broke The Undertaker Streak Before Brock Lesnar

WWE Edge Broke The Undertaker Streak Before


WWE Fans knew that former WWE superstar The Undertaker’s wife Michelle Mccool recently spoke to The New York Post and revealed how WWE, Edge was offered to break the Undertaker’s streak, along with a few other issues. But sadly WWE chairman Vince Mcmahon was not happy with that proposal and we all know at that time The Undertaker Carrier was on his Peak.
The former WWE Women’s Champion revealed that later WWE wanted Edge to break the Undertaker’s historic streak at WrestleMania. However, Edge did not like the suggestion and refused. We actually don’t know why Edge refuse but Some says that it was not a good idea on that time to break the legendary Undertaker streak.

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Then Finally at WrestleMania 24, The Undertaker and Edge competed in the main event. The Undertaker won this match which lasted for about 24 minutes and came out as the champion. Fans were very excited for surprise result because at that time some rumors get side of Edge will won against Undertaker but sadly that would not happen.
Michelle Mccool reported that Edge was one of the superstars who had been talked about breaking the streak before Brock Lesnar. He also told that he had heard about the evening when Brock Lesnar was about to break the Undertaker’s streak at WrestleMania. Mccool said that Undertaker had no problem with the plan to break the streak because he better knew that what is best for business.
The Undertaker’s streak broke at WrestleMania 30. when he was defeated by Brock Lassner. The entire WWE Universal was shocked and fans got crazy after that lose, although fans still oppose that decision. Well, supporting WWE decisions is probably why WWE and Vince Mcmahon who decided for this script for their business to grow well.

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