Top Superstars Whose lose Their Career After Leaving WWE

Top Superstars Whose lose Their Career After Leaving WWE
Top Superstars Whose lose Their Career After Leaving WWE

Top Superstars Whose lose Their Career After Leaving WWE


Every WWE superstar wants to work because from here he gets tremendous fame. Not every star in WWE could succeed because the company has a large roster. And it’s getting huge after day by day. Because of this, not every star can become a world champion. WWE couldn’t decide whom to set for the new future champion because of lots of inside problem.
WWE often has many Men and Women superstars. During this time, the new stars get a chance to shine in the big promotion, while the wrestlers that left WWE have to start their careers afresh. During this time most superstars get success due to their WWE runs.

1. Alberto Del Rio:

Alberto Del Rio was booked by Vince McMahon as the top star of the WWE. He is a Mexican Wrestler with lots of Fame and Fanbase. After leaving WWE it seems to be that anything wrong happening with him because everyone knows that he is multi billionaire. He won the Royal Rumble as soon as he arrived and later won the Money in the Bank briefcase as well as became the WWE Champion.
After leaving a few years before WWE, it seemed that he would do well in other promotions due to the success of the company. Nothing of this sort happened and nobody is seeing him perform well on Independent Sin. His in-ring carrier is gone now.

2. Wade Barrett:

WWE will never forget the bull hammer of this Superstar named as Wade Barrett After winning the WWE NXT competition, He stepped onto the main roster and also succeeded as the leader of the Nexus. He later won the King of the Ring and also became the Intercontinental Champion.
After leaving WWE, his career came to an end as he is now commentating for the World of Sports (WOS) and NWA. He is completely lost his popularity now.

3.Ryback :

Ryback voiced all the stars from WWE in 2017 to pay the same amount of money and demanded his release. He was released because working with him in the ring proved too dangerous.
He used to hurt the star working with him in the ring. After leaving WWE, it seemed that this star of great stature would earn a lot of name in other promotions but after years, Now he running a YouTube channel which is not so quite popular. After all he was a famous WWE superstar.

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