Strangest Couples Alexa Bliss & New Girlfriend, Braun Strowman & Girlfriend

WWE Couples 2020 - Alexa Bliss & New Girlfriend, Braun Strowman & Girlfriend
WWE Couples 2020 - Alexa Bliss & New Girlfriend, Braun Strowman & Girlfriend

Strangest Couples Alexa Bliss & New Girlfriend, Braun Strowman & Girlfriend

WWE has many couples but there are some WWE couples who some fans call strange. Featuring Alexa Bliss & New Girlfriend, Braun Strowman & Girlfriend and more.

Strangest WWE Couples 2020:-

John Cena is all to familiar with the price of fame when it comes to relationships.He has not only been divorced but also came under intense scrutiny for calling off his wedding to Nikki Bella and when it comes to love that is one thing John will never give up on and his relationship with his girlfriend Shay is going great and they recently celebrated their one year anniversary of being together.
However Shay has admitted to friends that stepping into the world of celebrity has not been easy as she is now a world wide celebrity and being known as John Cena’s girlfriend isn’t easy before meeting John Cena,
Shay work in the world of business and never dreamed that she would date a celebrity or become one herself but a chance meeting with John Cena changed all that.
Shay has remarked to friends that at some times strange when her boyfriend gets recognized and people ask to take pictures with him or ask for his autograph but Shay seems to be a very patient person as she simply stands in the background while John signs dozens of autographs and takes countless selfies with fans as John is notorious for being extremely fan friendly and recently Shay appear in the crowd on Friday night Smackdown as she watched her boyfriend accept a challenge from Bray Wyatt and from the way that she looked at him from the crowd it’s obvious that they are very much in love…..
Former New England Patriot Rob gronkowski is a big fan of pro wrestling and he’s very happy about signing with the WWE and what the future might hold and whatever kind of success happens for Rob in the WWE,he will share it with his girlfriend.
Camile Caustic,Rob met Camile Caustic when she was a cheerleader for the New England Patriots when he was the member of the football team and since then Camille has left cheerleading and began a successful career as a model but now Camille has her mind set on Hollywood and has landed roles in several big movies and her career in Hollywood looks to be very bright as Camille and Rob could emerge as a new power couple in Hollywood.
Rob and Camille share a home together and are looking forward to the possibility of getting married soon and spending the rest of their lives together.
Camille has been very supportive in Rob’s decision to leave the NFL and make the tough transition into the world of pro wrestling but so far there are no plans for Camille to appear in WWE alongside her boyfriend
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