Shocking WWE Couples Who Broke Up – John Cena, Goldberg and more

Shocking WWE Couples Who Broke Up - John Cena, Goldberg and more
Shocking WWE Couples Who Broke Up - John Cena, Goldberg and more

Shocking WWE Couples Who Broke Up – John Cena, Goldberg and more

Couple no.1 :-

1)Braun strowman suffered a broken heart when his long time girlfriend Camile broke up with him in 2019.He begin dating NWA wrestler Bram who was once married to Charlotte Flair and Camile herself also joined NWA word is that Braun was completely blindsided,
when Camile broke up with him because he thought that things were going great and there was even talk of them getting married instead Braun’s whole world was destroyed but today the mosser mug man seems to be recovering from his broken heart as he is currently dating NXT superstar Raquel Gonzaleless

Couple No.2:-

2)Brock Lesnar was engaged to a fitness model named Nicole mclain were madly in love with each other and planned to get married and spend the rest of their lives together and then Brock met sable and he quickly fell in love with the WE superstar.
Brock soon decided to call of his engagement to Nicole and broke up with her,reports are that Nicole was shocked by Brock breaking up with her and canceling their wedding even though Brock left Nicole completely heart broken she was able to recover and start a new life without the beast incarnate.
Nicole left the world of fitness modeling and became a widely successful outdoor enthusiast and has appeared on several TV shows where she was able to show off the love she has for the outdoors.
Shortly after Brock broke up with Nicole she met a different man and sued married and it seems that even without Brock,
Nicole has managed to live happily ever after.

Couple No.3:-

3)Mandy Rose is currently in a relationship with Dolph ziggler both in real life and on TV while Mandy’s tag team partner Sunny Deville is dating a model named Ariana.
Many years ago Mandy was dating a man named Mike,Mike was one of Mandy’s first boyfriends and the two had a very long relationship with each other which was highlighted on total divas briefly for one season by the time Mandy Rose joined the WE roster,
Mandy had broken up with mic and eventually Mandy started dating former NFL player and current NXT wrestler Tino sabot le in 2018.
Mandy and TIno appeared on the red carpet for the 2018 WE hall of Fame’s ceremony not too soon after the red carpet appearance they broke up and asked for Mandy’s tag team partner sunny Deville in 2017.
Sonya started dating former NXT wrestler Sahara Schreiber.Sahara is also well known for once dating Seth rollins.
The relationship between sunny deville and Sahara Schreiber lasted for several months but eventually Sonya broke up with Sahara and Sonya quickly moved on to dating Ariana


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