Roman Reigns’s spear was replaced by Seth Rollins in Smackdown Match

Roman Reigns's spear was replaced by Seth Rollins in Smackdown Match

’s spear was replaced by in Smackdown Match (WWE News)

What is The Matter was In Smackdown?

The first part of the draft took place at SmackDown this week. SmackDown’s opening match took place between Roman Reigns and Seth Rawlins. At the end of the match, Feinde attacked Rollins, which led to the victory by disqualification of Seth Rollins. Drafted Roman Reigns at SmackDown and it is now almost certain that Sath Rollins will be part of the Red brand during the draft in Raw.
The match at SmackDown was a tremendous one, but there was a time in that match when the fans were surprised. Actually, the match was going well. Along with the moves of both Rollins and Roman Reigns, there was also great action. There was a moment when Roman Reigns went to kill Spear, but the same move was turned into a pedigree by Seth Rollins. Let me tell you that Pedigree Moves are employed by Triple H, which is sometimes also used by Seth Rollins. Seeing this, the people sitting at the commentary table from the fans were shocked. You can see the movement of Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in this video.

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Although the match did not end on the right side but later during the draft, Roman Reigns was put into the Blue brand. After which Roman Reigns gave responses on the tweet, saying that he is ready to save his yard. It is now believed that the next enemy of the Roman Reigns may be Fiend.
The story of Eric Rowan and Roman Rance doesn’t look good. From the way Fiend came during the match between Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns, it seems that Bray Wyatt could come in any match of Roman Rance in WWE.
Well, now we have to see which brand of Seth Rollins is cast in the second part of the draft but it would not be wrong to say that both the brands of Roman Rance and Seth Rollins now bear the weight of the brand.
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