Here is the Reason of Rusev Leaving WWE From Past 4 Months


Here is the Reason of Rusev Leaving WWE From Past 4 Months (WWE News)

Rusev had not appeared on WWE TV for the past few months. Many rumors were believed to be because The Bulgarian Brute and his wife Lana had decided not to renew their contract with WWE, which is set to expire in the coming months.

Rusev was described by Maria Kanellis as the father of his child. At the same time, his wife Lana also made a comeback this week and she surprised everyone, coming with Bobby Lashley.

There were many rumors about Rusev staying away from the WWE, but now Tom Colohue has confirmed to Dropkick Dicussions that he had sought leave from the company to stay away from WWE for some time. Apart from former US champions, Sasha Banks also made similar demands to WWE after WrestleMania 35.

Rusev returned to WWE and was made a part of the major storylines soon after his return. In addition, he was also part of the Universal Championship match during Raw this week. All these things indicate that the company has made very big plans for The Bulgarian Bruce.

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