Former WWE Champion Sheamus Will Return Soon in WWE

Former WWE Champion Sheamus Will Return Soon in WWE

Former WWE Champion Sheamus Will Return Soon in WWE        (WWE News)

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Sheamus has not appeared on WWE television after splitting from Ceasaro in the April 2019 Superstar Shakeup. Since then, many such rumors were coming out that due to injury in the neck and spine, he may have to retire from wrestling, while Sheamus himself admitted in a recent interview that he too is confused about his future.

According to PWInsider, The Irishman may soon return to the WWE as he has been booked for several autograph signings before Raw.

The first round of the 2019 draft has ended in SmackDown this week and this draft will also be on Raw next week. Of the 30 superstars included in the first round of the draft, only 20 were drafted on Raw or SmackDown, which means that the remaining superstars are now free agents.

Core Of The Matter !

It is worth noting that along with injured superstars Naya Jax and Ruby Raitt, Sheamus has not been made a part of this draft. Which means that after his return, he can join any brand but according to recent news, he is going to be a part of the Raw brand on his return.

As a WWE Superstar, Sheamus has achieved almost everything in the WWE, including the WWE Championship (x3), World Heavyweight Championship, US Championship (x2), Raw Tag Team Championship (x4), SmackDown Tag Team Championship, Royal Rumble Winner (2012), King of the Ring (2010), and Money in the Bank (2015).

In an interview given to the E&C Pod of Awesomeness in August, Sheamus said he would like to win the Intercontinental Championship upon his return.


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