Drew McIntyre reveals why Vince McMahon is a significant part

Drew McIntyre reveals why Vince McMahon is a significant part

reveals why Vince McMahon is a significant part (wwe news)

Drew McIntyre has been in an extremely intriguing spot with regards to WWE. He’s barely year and a half into his second keep running in the primary list and he presently can’t seem to arrive at the statures that many trusted he would by this point.
Normally, because of his colossal change in appearance, it was just expected that McIntyre would be pushed immediately when he re-appeared on the fundamental list. He has been ensured however maybe hasn’t advanced as much as fans would have preferred.
In any case, he is by all accounts in no surge about it as of now. When addressing Fightful, he discussed Vince McMahon presenting him on WWE TV and even how he “inadvertently” made the Claymore Kick.
On the off chance that you didn’t watch WWE over the previous decade or something like that, you may have missed what was a somewhat huge presentation. Vince McMahon barely ever presents Superstars, however he made a major exemption for the Scottish Psychopath.
When conversing with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, McIntyre uncovered that he has no second thoughts and that Vince McMahon will be a huge piece of his TV character, yet there was one thing missing.


“I don’t regret anything. He’s never introduced anybody that way and I assume never will again. So that’s just part of my history. I think, no matter what, things wouldn’t have necessarily worked out the way for me they are now because I wasn’t ready for it. So, the way I look at it is, when I get the opportunity and when time is right and the right story, that moment and that run is going to be a significant part of the growth of my character. But first I need that kick a** heel run.”


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