Bayley uses her new entrance theme song in live event

Bayley uses her new entrance theme song in live event

uses her new entrance theme song in live event (WWE News)

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Bayley shocked everyone while debuting the new look during the draft episode of SmackDown. Not only this, Bayley entered with a new entrance music during a tag team match against and Charlett Flair at a live event recently.
Let me tell you, Bayley used to be very popular in NXT especially among his fans and he made his debut in the main roster with this character. During an emotional promo for Bayley in 2017, he was booed by Canadian fans.

Core of The Matter ?

They have never indicated to take a heel turn if some incidents are omitted. Bayley, along with Sasha Banks, beat up Becky Lynch during a recent episode of Raw. However, despite taking a heel turn, she was still using her old entrance music.
At the time of Bayley’s entrance to a live event in Odessa, Texas, his old theme song played and stopped for some time. After which Bayley entered the arena with the new entrance music. After the entry, she immediately started moving towards the ring and there were no expressions on her face at that time.
While entering SmackDown last week for the match against Charlett, Bayley destroyed his props on the ramp. In this match, Bayley became the new champion, defeating Charlotte through a roll up, and after the match ended, she called her fans very good and bad.

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