3 awesome things that must happen in Raw next week

3 awesome things that must happen in Raw next week

3 awesome things that must happen in Raw next week (WWE News)


#1:- The Fiend will continue playing their Mind Games with

After Fiend attacking Seth  in Clash of Champions, The Fiend continued to play Mind Games with him on the next night’s show as well. In the show, Bray Wyatt attacks Kane at the main event and then scares him but does not attack him, heading towards Seth.

Well, it seems that in the upcoming episode of Raw, Bray will be seen playing his Mind Games with Saith. The WWE is introducing the Find as the new face of fear. It will be interesting to see how Seth Rollins faces them.

WWE might show The Find in the Rollin’s locker room. Now, whether this will happen or not, we’ll find out in the next episode of Raw.

#2:- Hell in a Cell may have a match for the US Championship between vs

After the rumors of ’s career being ruined, the question that fans have in mind is who will be the next victim of AJ Styles. Looking at the conditions of this time, Bron Strowman’s name seems to be at the top.

Strowman faced Styles for the United States Championship in Raw a few weeks ago but lost due to interference between Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson. However, Strowman is not part of any fights yet. Accordingly, WWE is looking to advance Strowman to the United States title, which can be seen on next week’s show on Raw.

#3:- WWE will announce Chad Gable vs Baron Corbin match in Hell in a Cell

In last week’s Raw, Baron Corbin became King of the Ring after defeating Chad Gable. However, when the ceremony of Baron’s becoming King was going on in SmackDown, Chad Gable broke the crown of Corbin by coming there.

Therefore, it can be said that the creative team has thought to take the fight between these two far enough. Hail in a sail is only two weeks away. In next week’s Raw, perhaps a match between these two can be announced in Hail in a Cell.



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